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BotCity Support

BotCity offers several support channels with the aim of solving any problems when using the platform and tools.

Whether you are a customer using a paid plan, or a community enthusiast, our goal is to ensure that your questions are answered as efficiently as possible.

Below we will describe the types of support that BotCity offers.


In addition to the existing support channels, feel free to explore the content available here in the documentation portal and also in the BotCity Academy

Support in the Standard and Growth plans

For customers who are in the Standard and Growth plans, BotCity offers support via tickets, through the support portal.

The support ticket service works as follows:

  • The BotCity team will forward access to the support portal to users' emails:
  • After creating a login to access the portal, the user can open support tickets, which will be answered by the BotCity team according to the SLA rules of the contracted plan.
  • For each ticket opened, the user can provide details such as: category, title, description, and priority.
  • The user can track the status of open tickets, and interact with the BotCity team through the portal.


If you are on one of these plans and have not yet received access to the support portal, please contact the BotCity team.

Support in the Enterprise plans

For customers who are in the Enterprise plan, BotCity offers consultative support, through a direct channel with the Developer Experience team.

Through this channel (Slack, WhatsApp, or Teams), the Developer Experience team will assist users with technical issues, questions about the platform, and also with issues related to best practices and approaches in automation development.

Support for community users

BotCity also offers support through some community channels.

Through the community on WhatsApp, Slack channel, or forum, you can solve your questions by interacting with the BotCity team and also with other users who already use the platform.

See more details in the Community section.