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BotCity Maestro is able to schedule tasks automatically based on the CRON scheduling expression you define. This way, you can schedule tasks for any day, time, week, and month you want.

When accessing the menu Schedules, you will see your list of scheduling registered in the BotCity Maestro. This list will have information on which automation the schedule is linked to, what the scheduling rule is, which CRON is being used and whether the schedule is active or not.


In addition to the list, you will also have the option to create a new schedule by clicking + New schedule, where it will be requested:


  • Label: The unique identifier of automation which wants to bind to his appointment.
  • CRON Schedule String: The CRON expression that will define when your automation will run.
  • Scheduling Strategy: Where, you can type the scheduling strategy or click the Read from cron button that will automatically generate a definition according to the defined CRON.
  • Priority: You can define the execution priority of this automation on a scale from 0 to 10.
  • Activate or disable: This option activates or disables the scheduling created.
  • Params: Parameters required for automation.


For more information about params, visit the section Parameters.

So if you have automation with a CRON expression of 0 0 * ? * * , the Maestro will automatically generate and queue tasks for this automation every hour.

The CRON expression string is NOT the standard CRON expression format. BotCity Maestro uses the Quartz Cron Expression format.

The Free Formatter site offers a great tool to generate CRON expressions as well as describe them and show you the next execution dates.


BotCity Maestro server times are in UTC. So if you are in any other timezone, you will need to adjust the CRON expression to match your timezone.

Here is an example of this timezone adjustment:

I am in Brazil and I would like to schedule tasks for my automation every day at 10:00 AM Brasilia Standard Time (GMT-3).

  • The regular Quartz Cron Expression would be **0 0 10 ? * * **
  • Since we need to correct the timezone, we will use the following: 0 0 13 ? * * .
  • This will schedule the tasks to be executed at 1:00 PM UTC which is 3 hours ahead of Brasilia Standard Time.


BotCity Maestro team is working on a new scheduling feature which will be more intuitive and flexible.