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task finish

This command finishes a task that was created in the server.

./BotCLI task finish [arguments]

What are the arguments?

Argument Required Description
-taskId Yes The ID of the task to be finished.
-message No The message to register when the task is finished.
-finishType No The type of finish as one of the following:


Finish the task with ID 123:

./BotCLI task finish -taskId "123"

Finish the task with ID 14 with the message The task is finished:

./BotCLI task finish -taskId "14" -message "The task is finished"

Finish the task with ID 15 with the message Bot skipped 2 rows. and the finish type PARTIALLY_COMPLETED:

./BotCLI task finish -taskId "15" -message "Bot skipped 2 rows." -finishType "PARTIALLY_COMPLETED"