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New Task

Using the New Task feature, you can create a new task for specific automation directly from the portal.

New task

Creating a new task is as simple as clicking on the New Task button and confirming the action on the subsequent screen.

New task

Options in the New Task

Test task

You have the option to define if your task is a test one. Doing this, you can restart it after finalizing its execution. This is an exclusive functionality of the test tasks. Tasks in production cannot be restarted.

Minimum execution date

You can also set a minimum date for your bot to run. That is, if you left your automation ready to run on the BotCity Maestro platform today, but you just need it to run tomorrow from such a time, you can do that by defining in this field the date and time you want this automation to be available for execution.


Priority is used to control the task queue execution order. Here is a brief explanation of how it works:

  • You can define the priority between 0 and 10
  • Priority 0 is the default and lowest priority
  • The higher the number, the greater the priority. For example, a task with priority 4 will be executed before tasks with a priority less than or equal to 3


For parametrized automation, the New Task screen will display a dynamically generated form using the proper widgets for each field and the associated data type.

Ready to go


Once the task is created, it will be added to the list of tasks and you can follow the execution of the task via the task queue.