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Getting Started

BotCLI is a Java command line application distributed as part of the BotCity Studio SDK that allows one to access BotCity's API functionalities through the command line.

This format make it easier to automate processes related to releasing new robot versions, because it allows one to upload .jar, .zip and .tar.gz robot files for remote deploy. It also allows one to manage the tasks to be executed be the deployed robots and to control client Runners that were registered by the API.

As with most of the command line tools, invoking BotCLI without parameters or using the help command will provide you with the command line help guide.

Over the following sections we will cover each command and its subcommands in detail.

To make it simple we will simply refer to it as BotCLI and will use the following syntax:

./BotCLI <command> [arguments]

Please make sure to use the proper BotCLI wrapper for your platform.

bot - Deploy, Update and Release Bots

This command allows one to deploy, update and release new versions of the robots.

machine - Add new Runners, check status, logs and screenshots

Allows one to manage Runner instances in the platform.

task - Create, restart and finish your tasks

Allows one to create and restart tasks related to an automation process.

activity - Create and configure new schedules

Allows one to define and create new schedules for an automation process.

log - Create, read, download and delete logs

Allows one to create and inspect logs related to an automation process.

export - Extract detailed information from Task Queue

Allows one to export task data in csv and json format.

workspace - Manage and configure multiple workspaces

Allows one to define and manage the workspaces your user has access to.

login - Perform initial authentication on the platform

Allows one to login and authenticate on the platform using email and password.