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You can access the Integrations page through Maestro's top left menu, represented by the icon: Maestro Menu.

Just access the option Integrations in menu Resource.

BotCity Maestro offers integrations with third-party tools such as Google Data Studio, Microsoft Teams and others.

The Integrations page contains a list of integrations as well as the tokens to be used when connecting to the available third-party services.


Google Data Studio

To generate a new Google Data Studio connector token press the GENERATE button and copy the generated token.

For more information about Google Data Studio click here.

Slack Bot Token

The Slack Bot Token integrates BotCity Maestro with Slack for General Notifications. After the token is added and saved, users can opt-in to receive their notifications via Slack. More info on obtaining a Slack token here.

Microsoft Teams

BotCity Maestro's integration with Microsoft Teams allows users to receive general notifications via Teams.

Setting up a Webhook

Create a team or go to a team you want alerts to be sent to. In the upper right corner, identify the icon with three dots. Click on it and then click on Connectors.

MS Teams Connectors

In the new screen's search field, type Incoming Webhook. The result will bring the option as shown below. After identifying the correct option, click on the Configure button.

MS Teams Webhook

With the new page that opened, you must fill in the necessary information and copy the URL generated. The URL maps the channel, which you can use to send information to Teams.

You must paste the generated URL into the Microsoft Teams url field in Maestro. After that, it will be possible to configure the alerts normally so that they are also directed to the team you selected.