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export taskReport

This command allows you to extract a report of the execution of tasks in csv or JSON format.

./BotCLI export taskReport [arguments]

What are the arguments?

Argument Required Description
-since No Period start date, the default value is the last 30 days.
-until No Period end date, the default value is the current date.
-automationLabel No The automation label filters only tasks from a specific process.
-state No The states of the tasks that will be filtered(START, RUNNING, FINISHED, CANCELED).
-status No The type of finish of the tasks (SUCCESS, FAILED).
-output No The file format with the content of the report that will be generated (csv, json).
-totalPageLimit No Total pages to return, each page returns 100 records in descending order of creation date.


Extracting a report of all executions of the last 30 days.

./BotCLI export taskReport

Extracting an execution report for the period from 01/01/2023 to 01/06/2023, only from the tasks of the myAuto process that have been finished and that the status is SUCCESS or FAILED.

./BotCLI export taskReport -since "2023-01-01" -until "2023-06-01" -automationLabel "myAuto" -state "FINISHED" -status "SUCCESS,FAILED" -output "csv" -totalPageLimit "30"